The Wynn Vale man said the couple realised there was a significant need for more supplies – everyday essentials and medical equipment – and so had an idea to start sending shipping containers filled with products to developing countries.

“Kerrie – my wife – and I did two short missionary trips to India about 10 years ago to build a babies’ home and we realised there was a need for more over there,” Mr Moore, 65, said.

“So my mate bought us a 40ft container and we just started putting stuff into it – bails of clothing, hospital beds with mattresses, household items, craft supplies, toys, computers, stationary, hospital linen, medical gear, and tables and chairs.

“We also found out about Rotary’s in-kind donations, so that helped as well.”

Mr Moore’s organisation, called Container of Hope, has since sent about 30 shipping containers to communities in Vanuatu, India, Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He manages to juggle the project with his full time role as the owner of Adelaide-based Optimum LifeFocus Financial Planning, dedicating one day each week to physical labour.

“Every Thursday, I take off to do Container of Hope – the physical side, helping the guys out with the containers, not the paperwork side of it,” Mr Moore said.

His dedication to improving the lives of those living in poverty has earned him the main honour in Salisbury Council’s Living Legends Awards, announced last week.

Mr Moore, who is also the president of the Salisbury Rotary Club, said the award was the perfect way to celebrate the work his organisation did each year.

“It’s nice to have that recognition, but for me it’s also about recognising all the guys who are caring for other people, and also to get the name out there,” Mr Moore said.