Our volunteers donate much of their time, energy, and expertise to keeping Container of Hope running smoothly. They are highly valued as COH operates purely on a volunteer basis.


Christopher Moore
CEO and Chairman
Christopher co-founded COH in 2009.  Christopher is Living, Loving, Giving, Serving; The things he does are who he is.
Kerrie Moore
Kerrie co-founded Container of Hope in 2009.  Her mother always said that Kerrie ‘brings home the strays’ – Kerrie’s heart for those who are forgotten and friendless shows through in her work at COH. And the lunches she provides are top notch!
Jess Cornish
Member of COH since Oct 2015.  Jess strives to love her neighbour, always wanting to remember those who are less fortunate and work to help them in ways they actually need to be helped (not just in ways she wants to help).
Celian Kidega
Committee Member
Member of COH since May 2015.  This man is a silent but steadfast do-er, who really thinks about ways he can best help people. His Christian caring can be seen in how he does life and we’re grateful to have him at COH.
Mike Whitrow
Committee Member
Member of COH since June 2016.  Michael loves promoting human flourishing and the dignity of each individual. He brings a very thoughtful perspective to all governing decisions.
Jill Bowden
Committee Member
Member of COH since July 2017.  Jill reads 2 Cor 5:14-15 as specific to her: “The love of Christ constrains me – He died for me, that I should no long live for myself but unto Him, as He died for me and rose again.” Jill is a passionate lover of Christ and His people, and  feels that we are to be the hands of Jesus in caring for and loving others.
Shane Forgione
Volunteer since 2010. John 15:13 says: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” With the teachings of Jesus with him, Shane hopes not to just serve humanity in the giving of his time, energy and finances but do it with the same unconditional love, grace and mercy Jesus Christ has shown him. Shane loves serving at COH because whenever he attends, these qualities are on display making it an awesome place to serve!
Peter Salamon
Volunteer since 2012.  Peter does a variety of jobs for us at COH, one of the main being the weekly linen delivery man. His cheeky attitude keeps us on our toes!
Gabi Waldowski
Volunteer since 2014.  Another quiet but steadfast volunteer, the work Gabi contributes to helping us sort donations is invaluable.
Ricky Buck
Volunteer since April 2016.  Ricky is a tenacious and determined volunteer, despite the struggles he experiences with his health. It’s great to have him along every week, and pray this continues well into the future!
Greg Buck
Volunteer since early 2017. Greg is someone who works hard and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty – Along with his brother, Ricky, they help us get a lot of things done in a much shorter time than we would have thought possible!
American Dave
Volunteer since 2014.  A very reliable handyman, we don’t know what we’d do without Dave! We ask and he does, no questions or arguments necessary.
John Tunbridge
IT Volunteer
IT volunteer since 2010.  John has been helping COH for a long time, and we truly appreciate his effort and his character; He is a no-nonsense man who gets things done.
Norm Waldowski
Volunteer since 2014. Between Norm and Peter, we don’t know who’s cheekier. He brings an attitude of fun and friendliness whenever he comes to volunteer.
Lee Hutton
Volunteer since 2017. Lee’s motivation for volunteering is her feeling that we are incredibly lucky to have so much ‘extra’ than we need, which can be passed on and used by people who are struggling to survive and thrive. She also thinks of it as a part of her personal ‘war on waste,’ as we are the “minority” in the ‘first world’ with so much excess! She believes that having compassion and giving to others is an important aspect of making a happy life.